Journey to 3M, in their own words - and emojis.

We helped tell the career journies of 3M employees in a creative, unexpected way. I led the charge of crafting these stories—effectively acting as copywriter by creating the narrative in the edit, then adding playful sound design, and animating emojis that complement the voice-over.

Don't be distracted by pain.

What happens when you can't live in the moment due to pain? You might just end up forgetting something important. I edited this :60 spot showing the impact of untreated pain from an unexpected perspective: a stuffed bear lost down the river. Shot and edited like a mini film and featuring a wry sense of humor, this was a definitely fun one!

Coffee like you've never coffeed before.

space150 was asked to create a video promoting Caribou Coffee’s new Nitro Cold Press. We took inspiration from vintage beer ads and added a touch of humor. Thanks to improvisation—on-set and during the edit—we created three great spots that over-delivered on the client's ask.

Breaking the boundaries of medtech branding.

For decades, a CPAP machine has been the gold standard for treating millions of Americans with obstructive sleep apnea, but it doesn’t work for nearly half of all patients. The space150 team was tasked with introducing Inspire as an alternative to CPAP, educating on its benefits, and encouraging sleep apnea patients to contact a specialist. Over the past 5 years, I have brought to life a variety of content for paid social, including patient testimonials, doctor interviews, TikTok campaigns, animations, and more.

The beauty of FEEL.

We built on lululemon's existing FEEL campaign, translating it for social via a series of videos for Instagram and TikTok. We also created social assets to promote the MIRROR launch in Canada.